Have you considered the environmental impact of your website?

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Have you considered the environmental impact of your website?

Your website should capture your brand’s essence (values, passion, and impact) while keeping the environment in mind. Whether you’re looking to learn more about sustainable design practices or are ready to overhaul your online presence, our website audits identify ways to improve your site usability and performance while reducing its digital footprint.

Align your website with your values.

Audere Design Co. was founded out of a desire to collaborate with purpose-led business owners like you. We exist to help fully reflect your brand story’s commitment to people and planet, while helping you earn the profit you deserve.

We design user-friendly, sustainably-focused websites that are accessible to all people. Each site is strategically optimized to reduce your brand’s environmental footprint and help accomplish your biggest goals.

The future of the internet is green.

In this increasingly digital world, it’s important to consider how websites and digital products impact the environment. Website hosting powered by renewable energy is one step to a cleaner, greener internet.

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