Audere (ow·DARE·ay):

from the latin phrase ‘audere est facere’ meaning to dare is to do

For those who dare to stand upfor what matters most.

Audere Design Co. was founded out of a desire to collaborate with brands who use business as a force for good. We help you share your commitment to people and the planet—while earning the profit you deserve.

Meet Our Founder

Laine Ann Baldocchi


Designer, Strategist, Environmentalist

More than a name, Audere describes how I strive to live my life: with the courage to stand by my values (even when it means standing alone). To bring my business into alignment with my life, I created an eco-minded business model that considers the environment every step of the way—taking note of what we’re doing well, and where we need to improve.

When not collaborating with like-minded brands, I’m on a mission to debunk the myth that digital means green—increasing awareness of the growing environmental impact of the internet and encouraging fellow designers and developers to build websites with the environment in mind. I’m also doing my best to live more simply and sustainably in my daily life. Follow along on Instagram and say hello (I’d love to hear from you!).


We give a damn, too.

We believe in brand transparency. You can review our sustainability practices to see what we’re doing well and where we still need to improve.

We believe in giving back to the planet we call home. That’s why we started our Websites for the PlanetTM program where we donate our time and expertise each year to create a website for an eco-minded nonprofit.

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