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We partner with audacious brands who dare to stand up for what they value most.

Entrepreneurs and organizations whose drive and desire to make a positive impact on the world lead these brands. They value environmental and social responsibility, and are brave enough to speak up and impact issues that matter.

You’ve built a business that creates positive social and environmental change.

But does your website reflect a commitment to the planet?

We blend art and strategy with environmentally responsible practices to create websites that connect with your audience, tell your unique story, and help you confidently move toward your goals.


Laine Nickl, Designer & Strategist

More than a name, Audere describes how I strive to live my life: with the courage to pursue my passions and stand by my values (even when it means standing alone). Bringing my business into alignment with my values meant building an eco-minded business model that considers the environment every step of the way—taking note on what we’re doing well, and where we need to improve.

When not helping like-minded entrepreneurs expand their impact, I’m on a personal mission to debunk the myth that digital means green—increasing awareness of the growing environmental impact of the internet and encouraging fellow designers and developers to build websites with the environment in mind. Follow along and learn more on Instagram.


Our Collaborators

We collaborate with like-minded folks who are experts in their field.

Jason Abdilla, Strategist & Copywriter

Jason is a rare hybrid of strategist, researcher, and creative. He’s held strategic and creative roles at agencies (including Cactus, CP&B, and Wunderman+Thompson) where he helped brands like Pearl Izumi establish brand visions and strategies for targeted, lasting impact. He has since shifted his focus to partnering with nonprofits and socially-minded brands to develop strategies and create content that builds profitable, sustainable, and culturally-relevant relationships with their audiences.

Jason spends his free time reading and writing about how exposure to wild spaces can bring us closer to ourselves and even help heal deep-seated wounds. This conviction along with his deep-seated connection to nature also shapes his photography. Learn more at JAbdilla Creative or follow along on Instagram.

Our Impact

We believe in giving back to the planet we call home.

We give back through our Websites for the Planet program, where we donate our time and expertise each year to create a WordPress website for an eco-minded nonprofit. We’re also looking into the best avenue for donating a percent of our gross revenue each year to an environmental charity (feel free to contact us with nonprofit recommendations). While expanding our positive impact, we strive to reduce our environmental impact by continuously implementing and improving upon our sustainability practices.

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