Wah Gwaan Brewing Company is a Jamaican-inspired craft brewery in Colorado. They embody traditional Jamaican cuisine and culture with distinctive, vibrant beer flavors and a hip, welcoming atmosphere—a unique brewery vibe that they needed their visual branding to reflect.

Harsha and Jesse reached out during the early phases of planning for their brewery. It was important to them that the visual branding reflected their story and mission. They wanted the brand to capture the vibrance of Jamaican culture so the local community could experience a taste of the Caribbean in Colorado.


vibrant · happy · welcoming · friendly · laid back · casual · hip · sustainable


The visual branding creates a friendly, welcoming feel that captures the vibrance of Jamaican culture while appealing to the local Colorado community.

Wah Gwaan Brewing Company Full Color Logo with Doctor Hops Bird Icon

Wah Gwaan’s custom logo icon, “Doctor Hops Bird”, was inspired by Jamaica’s national bird—the swallow-tail hummingbird, aka “Doctor Bird”.

WAH GWAAN? Brand Pattern in Orange and Teal and Green Weathered Background Textures

Featured in a custom brand pattern, “wah gwaan”, a commonly used Jamaican greeting for “how are you/what’s up”, reflects the very essence of their brand personality—relaxed and friendly. The textured backgrounds are a subtle nod to the weathered, but brightly colored buildings in the Caribbean.

The Wah Gwaan Logo Screen Printed in Teal on a Tote Bag and the a Living Plant Wall of the Logo Icon


Wah Gwaan is committed to incorporating sustainable practices throughout
the brewery and their local community. As a minority-owned business, they strive to provide a welcoming environment that all people can feel comfortable going to—regardless of race, gender, or knowledge of craft beer.

“Laine was amazing to work with. She took our vision for our brand and brought it to life. We LOVE it! Everyone loves our stickers (made with our logo) and they’ve put them all over their coolers, water bottles, etc. and we aren’t even open yet! The logo alone has generated a lot of hype for us.”


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