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Our strategic process considers the triple bottom line.

Because people and planet-friendly websites are better for your bottom line, we always start with strategy—diving deep into your business to discover your “why” and illuminate your website’s purpose.

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    Together we’ll explore your work and mission, and cut through conventional wisdom in order to discover your organization’s heart. This insight will guide the creation of a comprehensive website content plan to help reach your goals and expand your impact.

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    Captivating content will tell your story clearly and concisely, and convert mere visitors to loyal customers. With a detailed content plan in hand, you have the option to write your own copy with our guidance or let us handle the copy from start to finish.

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    Our design approach fosters collaboration, ensuring we work closely with you to create your business’ perfect visual representation. Because our work is handcrafted for each client, we avoid templates and trends, and create strategic designs that help you stand out from the crowd.

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    We balance beautiful design with fully functional technology to create intuitive, engaging, and effective websites. We’ll create your site with sustainability best practices in mind so it quickly loads for all users, gracefully accommodates different screen sizes, is accessible to all people, and boosts your discoverability.

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    Once we celebrate your website launch, we’ll make a plan for maintaining a sustainably-focused website over time. We can empower you to edit and maintain your own site, or we can handle it for you with our website maintenance plans and day-rate packages.

Our Pricing & Packages

We believe in brand transparency.

This includes not only being open about our sustainability practices (what we’re doing well, and where we need to improve), but also our pricing. We provide custom quotes for each project so that it’s perfectly tailored to your business. However, our pricing guide will give you an idea of what your investment will be when you work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sustainable website must "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". This means creating websites that load quickly, are easy to find and use, and are powered by renewable energy.
Sustainability is a lifestyle, not a destination. That's why we constantly strive to reduce our environmental footprint, one step at a time. Learn more about our current sustainability practices.
We work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who care about our planet and the people in it. If you're building a purpose-driven business and you want a website that better reflects your brand’s essence while keeping the environment in mind, then we may be the perfect fit.
We offer full branding and logo design packages in addition to smaller brand "refresh" packages for those who don't need a full redesign. We do not offer standalone logo design, as a brand is more than just a logo. For more information, download our Pricing Guide.
We provide a custom proposal for each of our clients. Our web design projects start at $4,500. We require a 50% deposit to book your spot in our schedule, and the remaining balance prior to launch. Additional payment plans are offered on a case-by-case basis. For more information, download our Pricing Guide.
Although we provide a custom timeline for each project, typical web design projects take around 8-10 weeks. Knowing that a rushed timeline doesn't serve you or our process well, we avoid rush projects. Our process allows ample time for us to collaborate and create a strategic, sustainably-focused website.
Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website onto the Internet. Hosting is powered by computer servers housed in massive data centers, which produce 2% of worldwide carbon emissions (a number that is quickly growing). Green web hosting companies are focused on reducing their environmental impact. Ideally, your website hosting is 100% powered by renewable energy. When this isn't feasible, green hosting companies will purchase credits to help offset the carbon that they produce.
Yes! Once your site is launched, we'll make a plan for maintaining a sustainably-focused website over time. We can empower you to edit and maintain your own site, or we can handle it for you with our website maintenance plans and day-rate packages.

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We’ll align your website with your purpose-driven business.

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